Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10 Petaluma, California

Since we started this blog, knowing I must have a shot each day, I have been carrying my camera around more. Today, while getting my car smogged, I walked around the corner and got this picture of the newly restored Petaluma Visitor Center. I will be adding this to my Flickr set on Petaluma, in which I am adding photos of local architectural details, particularly the old Victorians. This is one of three historical buildings that are all together at this location, another being the town's new art center, all of which have been beautifully restored and painted in coordinating shades of golds, oranges and dark green trim.
In processing this photo in Lightroom, I pulled down the shadows under the Curves adjustment in order to darken the shadow under the arches, because there are two trash cans sitting there which I wanted to make much less noticeable by darkening these areas. I darkened the shadows and increased the Darks and Light adjustments to brighten the yellow facade of the building, increasing the contrast between these areas. Some folks might just lasso those trash cans right out of the shot with Photoshop, but I generally don't make such drastic changes to my photos.
Alternatively, I have some other shots that are vertical orientation (or I can also crop this view) that include the center portion, but exclude the adjacent archways. I kind of liked the archways included, because they add grace and style to the building. I also thought that the larger view shown here gave a better sense of this building by including more of it.

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jean lustgarten said...

What a lovely building. I too find architecture fascinating. The colors did pop. That is the amazing thing about developing film or digital. It is the job of manipulation while developing that lets us use another art form. Well done.