Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jeez, can you tell I haven't been feeling well this week. Looking back at my photos, it is funny I can tell how uninspired and crappy I have been feeling, is sooooo shows! Gary brought me some flowers home, thank god or I would have had to post the photo I took of Harrison drinking out of our toilet bowl!!! Still feeling shitty, but the weather is soooooooo fricken beautiful out that I am going to South Beach today to take some shots. Hopefully I will be inspired by something down there! My apologies for the bad photos this week!
Oh, sorry I was whining so much about how I feel I forgot to comment on my photo! :-)

I was happy I could capture the iridescent sparkle of this carnation. Be sure to enlarge this photo as you view it. I always enlarge yours and I am sure you do too, but just wanted to point out the iridescence.
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Denise Olrich said...

I love the iridescence in this flower, it is so pretty!