Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was driving down to pick up Les for his Chemo and I drove over this little bridge by his house and had to just stop my car in the middle of the bridge to snap this shot of downtown.... That explains why the framing isn't so great. Cars where honking like crazy at me. Oh well, what we do for our art! Next time I am going to take my good camera with me and try this shot again!!!!
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Denise Olrich said...

Great shot, and at least you had your little camera with you, that is a good thing! I hate it when people honk at you just for taking a little photo! This happened to me also on Sunday, when I drove up the coast. I stopped in the road for a shot of the jaw dropping view, and some a_ _ - - - - came up behind me and started honking! This is a super windy road, with a drop of maybe 300 feet down. I mean, give me a break ! If you can't wait one second you should not be on that road, sorry!!